Tom Richardson

With charm that oozes from his pearly white smile, Tom Richardson took to the Serenity stage to chat up the audience like they were his best mates.  On his second Canadian tour with friend Benny Walker, Tom hails from Australia, and returned to Serenity after playing here last summer on his first trip to Canada.

Tom’s one-man show is a production of sorts.  His use of loop pedal technology allows him to create a sound as if having the accompaniment of a full piece band at his finger tips.  It is a wonder to behold, as he adds each sound and beat, layering it like a beautifully designed confection. The final product is music that creates a sense of sentimental nostalgia, and also pulse racing attraction, as he carries you on a journey of his own making.

Resemblances to early John Mayer and Jack Johnson come to mind, however, Tom can hold his own, and when joining Benny on stage as part of the band later on in the night, his added rock edge came into full view.

For anyone looking for something with an added twist, Tom is worth a listen to see what the new generation of solo singer, songwriters are capable of.

Tom Richardson performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on August 17, 2013.

His album “Guide Your Ship” is available through his website

He recently concluded a European tour, and will be touring between Canada and Australia over the next year.  Visit his facebook page for updated information on show dates.

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