Coming around the corner of the Serenity acreage to see a 3 piece group playing music that made the stars seem to sparkle that much brighter, everyone was asking, “Who is this?”

Added at the last minute to the night’s lineup, Windborn became the true gift of the final night of Serenity’s summer concert series.

With melodies that could carry you off into any dream of your choice, the haunting and altruistic sound produced by the threesome on this night had everyone’s hearts in a flutter.

Vocalist and guitarist Jeff Pike is the heart & soul behind Windborn.  Travelling as a soloist for years, he has now been joined by accomplished cellist Nils Loewen who brings out the magic in what are beautifully crafted songs of love, desire, longing, and exploration of the spirit.

Joined on this evening by special guest Dan Loewen on the hand drums, the audience was on a cloud to Never Never Land as Windborn took us on a journey we never wanted to end.

Windborn performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on September 7, 2013.

Their new album “Calm in Chaos” is being released on December 31, 2013.

For album release details and upcoming show dates, visit their website and facebook page.

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