The Bros. Landreth

This is my first time taking a departure from writing on the basis of a band’s live performance.  Due to unforseen circumstances, I was unable to make The Bros. Landreth house concert at Serenity on September 19, one that I had been anticipating for quite sometime. So instead I will be discussing their debut album, Let It Lie, which I picked up from them the next morning out at the acreage where we had breakfast, planted a maple tree, and shared stories of growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Upon first listen, the album in its truest sense feels like coming home. You know that feeling when you curl up in your favourite spot on the couch, with a blanket so soft you could melt right into it? Yeah, that’s what this album has the potential to create for those who take the chance to listen.

Let’s just say when you have it on heavy rotation for an 8 hour road trip and you don’t get sick of it, chances are its a stand up album.

Joey Landreth’s voice is smooth and silky, yet with enough raspy edge to get you all knotted up inside. The accomplished musicianship from his brother David Landreth on guitar, Ryan Voth on drums and Alex Campbell on keys rounds out this complimentary 4 piece group that is on its way to gaining serious credence among country rock fans. However, some of their softer ballads also lend themselves to more mainstream soft rock, including tunes like Greenhouse that pulls deeply at the heartstrings and conjures up old feelings of lost love.

Their album is the perfect mix of sultry sounds like Firecracker, which hints of Keith Urban, and junked up tunes like Runaway Train that reminisce of Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild. However, more often than not you get the best of both worlds, as in the album’s first track Our Love, that combines soft edged harmonies with a get-up-and-go undercurrent.

Sure to be a beloved album for many years ahead, Let It Lie is a solid debut from a down home, big hearted, easy on the eyes band who have all the right ingredients to become the next true stars of Canadian country music.

The Bros. Landreth performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on September 19, 2013.

Their debut album “Let It Lie” is available on their website at

Check out their facebook page to stay connected and informed about upcoming show dates.

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