Greg Drummond


Well that was one hell of a night.  To try and describe a house concert experience at Serenity is like trying to describe your first love; it’s magic is intangible.  The same can be said for seeing Greg Drummond perform live.  Having been introduced to his music this past summer, my interest was primed for how it would translate in person.  And did he ever deliver.  His songs came alive right there in front of you, with his pure talent, heart and soul on full display.

Greg Drummond and his proficient 4 piece band were nothing shy of amazing, on and off the stage.  Naturally, a house concert format lends itself to an intimate and personal connection with an artist, but not everyone can pull it off as well as Greg.  His kindness and wit won the crowd over instantly.

Greg’s sound is distinct, very distinct.  His voice has a rock element, almost an Eddie Vedder like quality, while his folk and country flavour add up to a remarkable outcome.

The band he has put together are by far some of the most talented young musicians in BC, some of whom were jazz students before being lured by Greg’s infectious charm and beautifully crafted songs.  To try and identify every instrument each of them played throughout the night is quite the feat, so please forgive any errors.  Michael Lothian on horns and accordion is a standout musician who was a key wingman to Greg on the floor, playing off the front man with ease; Mike Meroniuk on guitar and mandolin brought a heightened energy to the group, and his riffs were pretty out of this world;  Alanna Pearce on drums is a breath of fresh air, whose youthful beauty and relaxed stage presence softens the group, yet with her at the percussion helm, she transforms these boys into men; and Marshall Hunt on the bass (standup bass for our lucky crowd) was the real show stopper with his precise skill and impeccable solos that had us transfixed.

On the whole, Greg’s body of work takes you on a journey of the spirit.  The songs immediately take up residence in your heart and are there to stay.  Greg has a real je ne sais quoi factor about him.  He has that something you can’t touch, or teach, or buy.  He is in the category of artists who have the charisma, appearance, and character that amplify their music into a whole different level as a performer.  This coupled with the outstanding talents of his bandmates produces quite the package.

For anyone looking for a new favourite album that will have you singing along to each song in no time, purchase Greg Drummond’s Walking Man on iTunes or through his website  Trust me, it will not dissapoint.

Album Highlights: Stand, a lively sing-a-long tune that would have any pub crowd on its feet; Heaven or Hell, a melodic masterpiece that grabs hold of you immediately; and Walking Man, the catchy title track that gives true credence to his rising success.


Greg Drummond performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on October 19, 2013.

He is a top 20 artist in BC’s 2013 Peak Performance Project.

Greg and his band are currently recording his second album.

To learn about upcoming shows and get updates on new music, visit

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    Heather, this is truly your calling…your comments are so encouraging and insightful.

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