Considering the next Serenity concert isn’t until Nov. 8th, that is a large amount of time in between posts, so this is a little something inspired from the special group of musicians in this year’s Peak Performance Project, who now wait to find out whether their music careers will be awarded a significant financial boost by a decision announced on Nov. 5th.  Here is an open letter to each member of the top 20, and every artist in the world for that matter, whose music has made a meaningful impact on my life.

Being inspired is a difficult thing to convey in words.  It is a feeling.  It is strongly desired in our current society. People are craving inspiration in their lives.

This is the power that every artist holds, the power to inspire.  To inspire a single person, or to inspire a generation, music can move people into action.  This is why it has been used so pivotally throughout history in a multitude of ways to inspire a movement, a cause, a brand, a product, a team, a country, a student, a leader.

Recognizing this gift that you hold as musicians can be overwhelming, it can feel like a massive responsibility not knowing what your music might inspire others to do, or say, or feel.  But this is not your load to carry.  What is yours is the realization that through your art, people can and will be connected in ways that you will never come to know.  Your music is a vessel for the heart of what our human race has survived off of, connectedness.  We need to feel and be connected to others.  We search and hold onto it within family structures, however dysfunctional, and more often than ever, look outward to connect with people who are like-minded and share similar interests.  Social media has created a world of connectedness that is so immediate, yet forever intangible.  To feel connected to so many, yet never hear their voice, see their face, or feel their touch, is a world that we do not yet fully understand.  But when art is at the heart of it, one can only hope these connections bring about betterment in people’s lives.

So while your music is inspiring others and connecting the world, don’t feel so alone, you should be experiencing these same things at the same time.  Don’t ever stop seeking inspiration for yourself, for your music, or for your life.  Exposing yourself to greatness will only inspire you to become greater.  You have been given a gift of an experience.  20 artists chosen to “compete” to win a large sum of money to further your careers.  If it has felt like a competition, you have probably missed the point.  But if it has felt like the most exhilarating challenge to examine your music with humbling grace, open yourself up to being inspired by the talents of others, and build relationships to carry with you for your entire life, then you have already won something pretty incredible.  This of course is not to discount the fact that the money is wildly enticing and ultimately needed by every artist who is trying to make a long term living from playing music.

In the end, it’s simple really.  When the day comes to look back on your life and someone asks you, “What did you do?”, if your answer can be “I inspired,” then what a life, what a life indeed.

Much love and thanks to you all who inspire me to become someone who can answer the same.

– Heather

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