Luca Fogale


Playing to a full house, Luca left the audience with a resounding feeling that they had just discovered their new music crush.  You can equate hearing Luca’s music for the first time to meeting a relatively attractive person, who after getting to know them, becomes the most stunning person you have ever laid eyes on.  This in a nutshell is the Luca Fogale experience; his music is unmistakably enjoyable upon first listen, then once you see him perform live, meet and share even a few minutes with the guy, suddenly his album is forever at the top of your playlist.  He is also the type of artist where it becomes difficult to separate the beauty of his music from the beautiful person that he is.

Luca’s music is somewhat of a manifestation of his unique “old” soul.  Genuinely humble, inexplicably charming, and limitlessly gracious, Luca has a tender heart that is made vulnerably available to the audience, which makes you want to protect his gentle nature while promoting him to everyone you know. While a healthy dose of narcissism remains a mainstay among many musicians and performers, Luca has an unaffected and sincere demeanor that is fresh and real and lovely.


He is the epitome of the artist who writes the soundtrack to your life.  His ability to capture the nuances and range of the emotional landscape we experience as human beings is uncanny.  At 23 years old, Luca not only relates easily to today’s youth, his depth and insightful explorations also reveal a wisdom and timeless appeal to his music.

Passionately influenced by iconic legends such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Luca’s songwriting is focused on building narratives that are not contrived or corny, but rather thought provoking, commentative and meaningful on multiple levels for the listener.  The impact of Luca’s sound is anchored by his exceptional voice, which is truly all the marketing he needs.  The instrumentals he builds on guitar and piano create the perfect backdrop to showcase his vocal range and lyricism.  Luca has this pleasing softness to the quality of his music that is endearing to its core, and when you consider the man behind the music, you get a performer who is capable of becoming a Canadian folk music treasure.


Releasing his debut EP Paths in July 2013, the album is a perfect introduction to his abilities as a songwriter.  His angelic voice truly stands out among the current independent music scene, proving why he was selected as a top 20 artist in BC’s 2013 Peak Performance Project and was recently selected in the first round of artists to showcase at Canada Music Week in Toronto this May. Currently working on his first full length album with highly sought after producer Chin Injeti at Hastings Set studio in Vancouver, it is not at all surprising that Injeti, who has recently produced for some of the industry’s top names in hip-hop, is equally as passionate about sharing Luca’s genuine sound with a growing fan base.  Hearing his new material live confirmed how much Luca has grown as an artist in a very short amount of time.  Enrolling in University as was expected from his traditional Italian parents, Luca struggled to stay focused on his studies when his passion continually led him to spend all of his time and energy playing music.  He made the courageous decision to follow his heart, and he has now accomplished 10 months of making music his full time career (you should know, his mother is still the first person to hear every new song).


Writing and performing constantly, Luca’s countless hours spent dedicated to his craft are paying off in spades as he reaches new heights in translating the human experience into songs that deeply move his audience.  Whether you are lucky enough to see him weekly as a resident performer at Moksha Yoga in Burnaby, or have experienced one of his many live shows in the Greater Vancouver area or elsewhere in BC, it is safe to say that Luca is an artist heard once, forever loved.  As he plans his tour across Canada that will lead him to CMW in May, there is no doubt that once the rest of the country hears the sweet sounds of this young BC singer-songwriter, he will surely make his way into the collective hearts of Canadians everywhere.

Be sure to pick up his EP Paths where each track is a jewel in its own right, from “Identity Theft” that has qualities of early Dave Matthews Band, to “The Way We Are” that showcases his exquisite vocals and thoughtful songwriting perfectly.  The highlight is the bonus 6th track on the EP’s hard copy and Luca’s newest single release “What I Came Here For,” a graceful song that delicately paints a touching expression of love and affection, because in the end, what else is there.

Luca Fogale performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on March 7, 2014.

His debut full length album “Safety” is set to be released in early summer 2014.

For links to music downloads, videos, Luca’s social media platforms and more, visit

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  1. Tori Cooke says:

    Beautifully written, Heather, and amazingly accurate. You have such a way with words. We have been listening to Luca’s CD several times daily!

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