Windborn: What lies beneath

windborn poster

Jeff Pike is one special artist. Performing and recording as Windborn for over five years, he continues to take his sound to new places, experimenting with instruments and techniques, and challenging every rule there is when it comes to creating beautiful sounding music.

To fully appreciate the artist, you need only to learn of the incredible person he is, especially to this venue.

Jeff spent the week leading up to the night’s show building a new roof for Serenity owner Shirley de Vooght. That’s right, he took a break from touring to spend five very hot days dedicating his time (and tapping into his past life as a carpenter) to provide this act of service to a woman that has become family and a venue that has become a home.

jeff windborn

Jeff also provided the idea and development of the Kickstarter campaign for Serenity that exceeded its fundraising goal by over $1000.00 and allowed the roof renovation to happen.

Not only that, but at the end of the job, Jeff chose to perform a free show to celebrate. The generosity and good nature behind this artist is remarkable. Shirley herself speaks of him often and sings his praises to anyone who will listen, he truly has her heart.

Windborn is a regular feature on the Serenity schedule, playing multiple shows here a year. Not only did he win over Shirley many years ago, he has done the same with every Serenity audience member to date. Whether he is playing with accompanying musicians, such as his previous regular tour mate Nils Loewen on cello, or sticking to his roots of playing solo (as he is touring these days), Windborn is more than meets the initial eye.

Through the use of live-looping, an amped guitar, kick drum and creative percussion-based combinations, Windborn provides a show that is multi-dimensional and awe-inspiring.

No word of a lie, for our appreciative crowd, he played for over 2 hours without a break, and if it hadn’t been for the twilight mosquitos causing a stir, he likely would have gone longer.

jeff windborn 2

With a stage presence that puts everyone at ease, and an ability to make strangers feel like friends, Windborn has an ethereal style that is just magic.

He is an artist who lives for music and has dedicated his entire life to pursuing its creation. With his love, they live on the road in a different place almost every night, exploring the country in their quest to share his music and live simply and gratefully. To look at their lives from the outside is like admiring a beautiful painting, it fills you with wonder and inspiration. Of course, the reality likely comes with its own set of challenges, but for those who live within the walls of steady salaries, mortgages, and retirement savings plans, taking the time to appreciate the few who take risks in order to follow their passion is an important thing to do to put life in perspective.

If you let it, the music of Windborn will invite you into the soul of an artist to hear what makes his heart beat; are you listening?

Windborn performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on July 18, 2014.

For music (including free downloads), videos, bio and more, visit

Windborn is playing at Serenity’s 1st Annual Harvest Music Festival September 5-7, 2014. Early bird festival passes are still available for the weekend (price includes camping on the Serenity acreage)!

Photos courtesy of Steve Mechem and Windborn.

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