The “What” and the “Why” behind the words…

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A few artists have joked with me over the last year and a half about my writing style. They laugh about the moment they initially read my post and feel great about themselves because of all the things I have written about them, but when they talk to fellow artists who I have covered in the past, they come to a conclusion that I write nice things about everyone and somehow feel like what I wrote about them is no longer as special. I have never understood this. For one, I don’t proclaim to be a music critic, so no one should expect to read anything negatively critical regarding someone’s music, but in the same breath, I don’t intend to write pieces that are “nice” either. My intention is to write true reflections of what I feel and experience. This is achieved in how I approach each show before they start. If I was attending a concert in order to critique each aspect of a performance, my writing would sound a lot different. But before I even step foot in the venue, I have already decided that I am going to enjoy myself, that I am going to take something meaningful from the artist, and that I am going to spend my time focusing on their creative energy. Although there is a common thread of support and encouragement, my pieces are focused on showcasing their unique characteristics and what they have shared of themselves through their music and conversation.

The purpose of starting my site was to highlight independent artists and a unique small town venue in the heart of BC where audiences can experience live music in an up close and personal setting; Serenity Performing Arts Centre. I truly believe the physical and spiritual environment that has been cultivated at Serenity is instrumental in allowing me to approach each show in the way that I do. There is a comforting sense of belonging and acceptance that is constantly present which provides a safe place to get lost in. To lose oneself in music is a glorious thing. I don’t mean letting loose as much as I mean letting go of any loads you are carrying in terms of stress and expectation, and allowing yourself to sink into an abyss where you can examine, reflect, dream and desire. This is getting lost in music. This is where inspiration is born. This is what I write about.


~ Heather

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