Greg Drummond: A New Year, A New Album

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There is something to be said for being patient. There is also something to be said for perfect timing. Sometimes you need to wait for things to line up just right.  Recently completing his second studio album, Greg Drummond has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to assist with the marketing and distribution of his new album “Drive,” a fitting name for it has taken just that to get him where he is today.  With one of his new songs entitled “Our Time Is Now,” you can bet Greg Drummond and his band have their sights set on making a lasting mark.

Since leaving a high paying corporate sales job years ago to pursue a career in music, Greg Drummond hasn’t looked back since.  That isn’t to say there haven’t been bumps in the road, but with confidence in his songwriting ability, and a tenacity to build a band for the long haul, Greg Drummond has been patient with the process in order to ensure he was following what he felt was right. As a result, he has surrounded himself with musicians whose extensive knowledge base and ability to perform an eclectic array of instruments has added to the creative composition of each song and helped to develop the versatility of his sound.

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It was no coincidence that Greg Drummond was booked to play Serenity’s first show of 2015.  It was a decision venue owner Shirley de Vooght consciously made to start the new year off with a bang by showcasing a high calibre artist that has come to mean a great deal to her and all of us here at the venue.

In the week leading up to the show, I sent out a tweet naming Greg our “favourite leading man.” In a nutshell, he is a tall, dark and handsome songwriter whose voice feels like home. He can charm the socks off an audience within moments, and has natural talent bursting at the seams. When speaking to band member Michael Lothian after the show, he shared the story of his friendship with Drummond, one that predates the band by quite a few years. Lothian made a point to say that people have always been drawn to Greg, “He has a magnetism, a strong sense of what he wants, and an intense drive to achieve it.”  Michael followed this by saying, “I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite.”


Michael Lothian is the understated genius of the band, whose variety of instrumental talents (trumpet, keys, accordion, etc.) have greatly contributed to the accomplishments of Greg Drummond’s music. A self-proclaimed nerd, Lothian’s kind nature and quirky character are effortlessly endearing. He’s a keeper.


Mike Meroniuk is the hip, young axe player whose jaw-dropping riffs define his unabashed star power. No question, some of his guitar and mandolin solos take the songs to an entirely different level; insane madness is what comes to mind (translation: get ready to go crazy over how damn good he is).


For this particular show, drummer Alanna Pearce and bassist Marcus Abramzik were unable to make it. Alanna has been here many times. We adore her and want to be her all at the same time. The petite blonde belle’s presence is always a welcomed treat on and off the stage. Marcus, however, remains elusive to our venue. He is the newest member of the band and Drummond can’t say enough about him, including how his experience and talent has raised everyone’s game.   Nothing like hype to live up to, but we are sure he will meet our expectations and then some. Although we missed having the band here in its entirety, it was fun to see the music take on a different energy as a trio and it worked in a house concert format, but we can’t wait for them to turn it up a notch when the full band hits the outdoor stage on the acreage once again for Harvest Fest 2015.

Although they were missing two of their band members, this show turned into one of the most memorable nights to date. When this band is here, the light-heartedness they bring makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I treasured the feeling of falling in love with the new songs while finding comfort in the ones I already know by heart.  Over and above the sold out crowd and their tailored performance, it was the moments spent afterwards, sharing stories and good vibes with one another that made the night what it was.  Not to reveal too much of our Serenity secrets, but the show’s after party consisted of sitting around the kitchen table passing out multiple bottles of champagne for people to take a swig from after saying something they loved and appreciated about someone else in the room.  What can I say, this is how we get our kicks out here in the sticks.


At the end of the day, Greg Drummond is positioning himself as an artist that is gaining a mounting number of tireless and generous fans who will continue to promote and support his music for as long as he chooses to create it, and you can’t put a price on that.

To encourage you to donate towards the Indiegogo campaign, here are a few of my choice tracks on the new album “Drive.” After getting the chance to listen to it from front to back following their live show, the June 2015 release is a rather taunting date.

Against the Sun: Their live performance of this song stood out instantly. The lyrics and melody tug down deep; my kind of song; Drive: Choosing this as the album’s title track was a smart choice. It sets the tone for the whole album. The chorus is a winner, I dig it a whole lot; The Jasper: This last minute addition was a brilliant one. Instrumentals are some of the most underrated songs by recording artists. This song takes you on a ride from start to finish. Get ready to day dream; Worse For Wear: I know many listeners may not pay attention to song order on albums with the way music is being streamed nowadays, but I savor the nostalgia of listening to an album from beginning to end. This track is how to end an album, it builds until the last note. Satisfaction achieved.                              Honourable mention – Lily: Although they played it live, I didn’t fully pay attention to the lyrics until I listened to the recording. My daughter’s name is Lily, and I can already predict this song is going to become a cherished family favourite.

To be quite honest, depending on the day and my mood at the time, I could have listed any one of the songs on the album.  It is that good.  Get excited.

Greg Drummond performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on January 17, 2015.

To learn about the plans for the release of Greg Drummond’s new album “Drive,” and to take advantage of some exclusive perks, visit and support the band on their Indiegogo page at

For links to music downloads, social media feeds and more, visit

Photos courtesy of Creative Copper Images, Steve Mechem and Jessica Gunn.

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