Ryan McMahon

ryan mcmahon2

Disclaimer: This is not a review, because it would be callously unfair to write a review or even refer to this as a complete piece when I was unable to stay for the entire show. This was a first for me due to the fact that I brought my young children who needed to get home to their beds so I could remain a somewhat responsible (albeit effortlessly cool) mother.

So why write anything at all? Because Ryan McMahon is so fucking dynamic that’s why. Award for “First curse word in a piece” goes to you Ryan.

Seriously though, there is enough entertainment value in 5 minutes watching this guy then I have seen others attempt in an entire night.

To see someone so passionate about their art that it translates to this electrifying, intense, bursting-at-the-seams energy is an experience in itself. It also helps that he has one of the tightest voices you can hear live. His pitch, tone and volume are on point every time and his ability to change everything within one song for emotional effect is incredible.

It is also worth mentioning that Ryan is among those few people who look better the closer you get to them in proximity. I kept thinking, “Isn’t he older than me with more kids than me? Why does he look 10 years younger than me, like seriously, who has skin that perfect?” Perhaps for him, making music is his own fountain of youth (or fantastic genetics, either one).

A warning however. Anyone who is faint of heart or who clearly cannot take a joke at their own expense must be prepared at a Ryan McMahon house concert. He is ruthlessly sarcastic and lives up to his moniker “The Fox” from his highly acclaimed 3 piece band; he is quick, sly and ready to bite at any moment. He creates this chaotic energy that makes you want to punch him or hug him, preferably at the same time. But this is what makes up the entertainment value of his artistry. He puts it all out there. He is ready to embarrass himself just as easily as anyone else, and isn’t afraid to show every facet of human emotion.

His performance calibre aside, Ryan McMahon is a master songwriter. He has the ability to write a chorus that you can sing along to within seconds of hearing it and makes you wonder why it isn’t a chart topping hit. The man is one of BC’s true artistic treasures. I could go on and on about his charity work, family ideals, writing and producing credits and the much anticipated The Lion The Bear The Fox upcoming tour. Without a doubt, as I drove away at the mid-show break, my heart sank knowing I was going to be missing one hell of a second set.

Ryan McMahon performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on May 14, 2015.

Visit http://www.ryanmcmahon.com for music, bio, links to social media feeds and more.

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