Damn Fools open the outdoor concert season at Serenity

df may 2016 2

Damn Fools.  These guys just get everything about rock music. It doesn’t matter how many people they play to, they give it everything they have, every time. After decades of friendship and a handful forged as a legitimate rock band, they are more dynamic than ever together on stage and are in the midst of recording their second studio album.

Performing the first outdoor show of the year at Serenity, the gorgeous acreage was lit up with the energy they brought to the show. Lead singer Mike Twining is a force of nature. His style and dynamic stage presence grabs the audience instantly, while their vintage sound and cohesiveness on stage as a band keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

damn fools may 2016

Each of the members have their own distinct presence, which they highlight throughout the show while emphasizing their collective strength as a band. This will also be reflected in their upcoming album. “This album has been much more of a collective effort than our last,” shared lead guitarist Andrew Twining. “ Mike (Twining) and I brought the initial ideas forward but the band has really contributed in the evolution of the songs.”

df 3 may 2016 What stood out the most at this show was their new material by far. They have kicked it up a notch in the tempo department with hooks and choruses that have you singing along in no time. “One main focus for us has been groove. We want people dancing when we play and noticed where the gaps were left from our last album that needed to be filled,” said Twining (Andrew).


This had been the first live show they had played in almost 8 months. Their time in the studio together showed. It is always encouraging to see a band a year later having made such significant strides and show confidence and increasing bliss together on stage, it energizes the fan base in a huge way. Just last night they played the main stage at Vancouver Craft Beer Week at the PNE grounds alongside a lineup of some of the city’s favourite local talent, a great way to head into the summer for the band.

df 5 may 2016

For a band made up of individuals who are coming into their own, falling in love, getting married, establishing personal goals, and figuring out what they stand for in regards to social and political issues, their music reflects this time in their lives and brings the listener along for the ride.

Standout performances of the night (all new tracks on the upcoming album): “All My Love” sounds like a song that has always been on your playlist, it gets stuck in your head immediately; “Struggling” gets under your skin and has such a deep groove feel, beyond easy to dig; “Give It On Up” was their last song of the night, they absolutely killed it and was the perfect choice to end the show on a high.

Damn Fools performed at Serenity Performing Arts Centre on May 28, 2016. They are currently recording their second studio album at Studio Downe Under in Abbotsford, BC.

Photos courtesy of Steve Mechem.

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